5 Ways to experiment with the Power of Dreams

DreamsDreams! We all dream at night, some of us have the capacity of remembering what they dreamed each night, some they remember parts of dreams every now and then and others simply don’t remember it at all! And yet we all dream! Not only we dream at night but sometimes we dream with our eyes wide open! Did you ever wonder what happens to your dreams? Why do they come and where do they go? How would it be if you were more connected to your dreams?

Experiencing the power of dreams opens the door to miracles to happen, it allows to:

Connect to our deeper self and give more space to our intuition! At night our unconscious mind become clearer somehow, our busy mind lose control and we fall asleep; the vibes are different, the energies are different and we can more easily connect with what is important for us. Intuition is higher and sometimes, if we allow it, it may come to us in a night dream!

Experience feelings, emotions, and situations in a safe environment! After all it’s just a dream. Did you ever wake up in the morning feeling so happy, so relax, so incredibly well? Like you just came from the place of your dreams and you still have all that energy within you? Or did you ever wake up feeling someone that you love and miss someone that you lost somehow, feeling that person next to you, so close and so real? The more we experience situations, feelings, emotions, energies in our dreams the more we get used to them, feel natural/at ease and we are ready to have them in our life as guidance.

Gain energy from visualizing things that are really important to us! Day dreams! Do you remember when you were a child, a kid, a teen, how much time you spent in dreaming about your future, the way it will be when you grow up, the things you’ll do, the way you’ll feel…! Do you remember the energy that was coming out of it? Not only you felt like flying, but you knew inside you that this was so real that almost happen, and that one day you’ll actually live that dream for real! You simply knew it! No worries, no fears, no doubts, just a pure joy of something that you knew inside you it will be true for you!

Be more present and give space to what really matters in our life! As we grow up we become more and more busy, more and more stressed, we sleep less, we disconnect from ourselves and we connect to internet, social media, external devices even just before we sleep! This is even worse doing the day as obviously there is no time, no space, nothing to allow day dreams! Yet when we step out of our mechanical daily routine even for few minutes, we allow our mind to relax and see life from different angles and perspectives, feeling less trapped in a life we did not chose!

Have a form of certainty that our dream will come to life! When we do, when we feel empowered, knowing that it will happen, we live our life like we are holding a winning lottery ticket in our pocket, a ticket that we don’t even need to use! What better present to wish for?

If you want to open more to both forms of dreams here are 5 easy tips that may help:

Practice few minutes of meditation daily (for those who have difficulties in centering you can start with only 1 minute[1] a day till it becomes something so natural you can’t avoid it; allow between 3 to 6 weeks to see this happening)
Calm down before you go to sleep (avoid external distraction factors, you really don t need to know who has eaten what for dinner by checking your friends timeline! And if really needed you can still see it in the morning)
Note down all that you remember about what you dreamed during the night, do this first thing in the morning before coming out of bed (better to have a notebook and a pen near your bed, after a while you’ll not need it as it will come a real habit and your mind will be used to it)
Allow time for yourself during the day to switch off, for real: have a short walk, watch the sky even from your office window, have a short siesta, whatever works for you, just make sure you practice it daily.
Practice day dreams at least for 5 minutes! It may feel strange at the beginning if it’s been a while since you stopped doing it; if so start with something you really dreamed of as a child, or imagine something small that you will like to happen during the day; and observe the serendipity!

This post is the result of a day dream! Look forward to hearing how this is actually working for you! Share your thoughts and dreams.

[1] https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#search/1+minute+meditation/1513a365ef1865b9?projector=1

Author: ralucalaura

I work with individuals/leaders/entrepreneurs looking for life purpose while supporting them to create or develop their own businesses. I also work with corporations on transformation programs.   I am a PCC, CPC, ELI MP, ACC and Leadership Core Dynamics Specialist. After 17 years as Executive Director for a multinational, I have created my own business IMPACT2C.   20% of my time I volunteer in entrepreneurial, social and care organisations. I work mainly in English, French, Romanian and sometimes in Spanish and in Italian. How I can help? - Are you fully operational, having a successful life, and career and still you feel that something is missing? Do you feel you don't live the life you dream of? Do you feel you have no choice but staying in this situation where you serve part of your values yet you are not completely in alignment with your higher self? Than let's have a talk! - Do you want to start your own business yet you don't know how? You have started your business and it's not profitable enough? Let's have a talk and make a difference. - Are you looking for a speaker in one of your events? Let's have a talk and make a difference.   Who do I work with? Individuals/leaders/entrepreneurs looking for life purpose and sustainable business success

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