5 Things to Do When You Are Feeling Low On Energy

AAEAAQAAAAAAAANmAAAAJDJmZWM4Mzk3LWIyZTQtNDlhNi05MzcwLWZiMWNjMjk4NWEwMgWe all have those days, right? We know them, we recognize them, we know they come and go, and yet when we are deep down in low energy we feel stick and don t know what to do!

So here are 5 easy thinks to do to quickly increase your energy level:

1. Stand up

The simple fact of standing, moving from a sitting position up on your feet, it’s an act of energy. It does change your immediate perspective.

Most often when we feel down we sit or lay down. While this may recharge us it also tends to pull us down, physically. So stand up for a second. You can also repeat it few times. And if you can stand up with your arms up as well, largely opened forming like a Y. 2-3 minutes of this and you ll already feel better. This is a powerful affirmative position that boosts self-confidence and connects with the source of inner self!

2. Put on your preferred music/tune

Do you remember how you feel when you hear your preferred tune out of the blue! Like you zapping on the radio and your song is on? Your hard is singing, most often you sing along, and you feel like dancing! It does work! And if you don t have one, try “the bare necessities” and watch Balloo dancing!

3. Go for a walk

Walking is a powerful and recognized antidepressant. But it’s also a way to put your energy back on flow. When we walk the blood is moving faster inside the body, and this is providing energy, but also we see different views, different angles, we are on movement, and movement is energy. Now, sometimes we stuck in what we are doing, and don t have time; yet even a 10 minutes’ walk around your office building, or going to buy a sandwich, can make it! And if you can’t go outside try just taking the stairs up and down for few minutes, it will make a difference!

4. Call a friend

Most of the time when we feel down we hear like a lit voice inside our head, we tend to depreciate our self; calling a friends, simply hear a voice you love, it’s connecting to a different energy. It may only take a few minutes, talking about nothing specific and simply enjoy the presence of your friend! His/ her energy will flow around you! And if she/he is not available, leave a message, send a mail, and know that someone is there for you.

Most of us we don t want to charge our friends with our issues, yet most of the time we are very happy when we receive a phone call or a message from a friend! So indulge a cup of love and friendship! It is always there for you! And it’s free!

5. Look up to the sky and smile

Whatever is the reason for your low energy, the sun it’s always up on the sky! So instead of keep looking down raise your head and look up the sky!

And smile, this is a wonderful journey! Even if some days we feel down the sun it’s always up on the sky! Smile! Smile with all your heart! And if you don t feel like smiling, just force it for a minute, you’ll already feel like smiling for real after only 1 minute!

Author: ralucalaura

I work with individuals/leaders/entrepreneurs looking for life purpose while supporting them to create or develop their own businesses. I also work with corporations on transformation programs.   I am a PCC, CPC, ELI MP, ACC and Leadership Core Dynamics Specialist. After 17 years as Executive Director for a multinational, I have created my own business IMPACT2C.   20% of my time I volunteer in entrepreneurial, social and care organisations. I work mainly in English, French, Romanian and sometimes in Spanish and in Italian. How I can help? - Are you fully operational, having a successful life, and career and still you feel that something is missing? Do you feel you don't live the life you dream of? Do you feel you have no choice but staying in this situation where you serve part of your values yet you are not completely in alignment with your higher self? Than let's have a talk! - Do you want to start your own business yet you don't know how? You have started your business and it's not profitable enough? Let's have a talk and make a difference. - Are you looking for a speaker in one of your events? Let's have a talk and make a difference.   Who do I work with? Individuals/leaders/entrepreneurs looking for life purpose and sustainable business success

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