New World, New Year

It’s interesting to observe how people think about this 2020, which most likely it will stay in the history as quite a different year. One year ago, we could not have imagined not even 1% of what we have been faced with this year, none of us individually or as a group, country or even planet.

And as we reach the end of this year, many people are looking forward for 2021 with hope and a desire for a big change. Some expect to come back to normality, as all this is happing right now, is not normal. Some think that at midnight December 31st, 2020 something magic will happen and a few minutes later all will be different. And so on. And while I do believe in good vibrations, and the power of hope, I also believe in self-determination, and self-change. I also believe in seeing things as they are not worse nor better, just as they are and make the best out of the situation.

Sometimes I look at end of 2020 like you probably had this before in your life, the end of the week, and all you have in the fridge are the leftovers of the entire week. And as yourself, I am not really excited to eat that. And then your Italian mum comes along (or Romanian, etc. so many others mums are just the same) and she puts everything together, some cheese and eggs on top and put everything in the oven and it smells so deliciously in the entire house and everybody asks for more.

When time comes to look back to this 2020, what is the best way to say goodbye to it. Would you hold it dear in your memory as this was the year of your life, or will you rejected it as you don’t even want to count it, as I hear some jokes on social media, or would you want to honor the opportunities this has actually brought.

Even from when I was very young, I loved the end of the year period. I always took some time for myself to look back and wrote into my journal what have I achieved that year, what I was grateful for, what was something I wanted to keep in my memory. And when I did so, every year I was amazed of how many things happened and I could not even remember.

I would like to invite you to do the same. Here are some questions that could help you with the process:

  • What was good about this year?
  • What did I learn this year?
  • How did I progress this year?
  • What did I achieve this year?
  • How did I overcome difficult times if any?

And by the way, providing you are one of those who jump into conclusions fast and as this was a shitty year, and the answer is “Nothing” to all of the above, pause right there. Just breathe, close your eyes and imagine my voice saying “I hear your frustration, and you have all the rights to feel that way. It was by a challenging year based on a different criteri and it is normal to feel down when things are as tough as they were this year. But yet, allow me these questions: how true is that you achieved nothing this year? was that nothingness good about this year? The concept itself, related to nothing and everything is very difficult to apply when we think about it, and therefore cannot be the truth. Because these do not exist. Maybe you did not achieve as much, or maybe was less than what you expected, yes that seems closer to truth than the short, blunt “nothing”. The simple fact that you are alive, healthy and reading this right now, means you have made it. Now with your mind eyes, take a look around you, do you still have people you love, bring them into your mind and soul; do you still have a place to sleep, bring it to your mind and soul; do you still have your health, bring back all the memories, the smiles, the beautiful emotions from this year…. you see where this is going. I don’t expect you to be highly positive, but …. just put these facts together.

Now that we have done that, we can move into the next step, get out of the year in a beautiful way, and thank this year for whatever it has brought you. Maybe it was not what you wanted and yet how many times receiving what we wanted was what was good for us… food for thought… and how many times precisely something that did not work, pushed us out of our comfort zone into something new and turned out to be one of the best things that happened to us. I will like to end this 2020 with one thing Tony Robbins says, “what’s wrong is always available to us, as well as what’s right[1]”. What do you choose to see? What do you see right now about 2020?

Now that we are ready, it is time for 2021.

One thing I absolutely love about this new world, is precisely that, it is a new world. Things are changing, the “norms” are changing, the cards are redistributed. It is a new game. If you love board games, you will see what I am talking about. I used to love playing these board games with 3 of my friends in Paris, it is fun, it is strategic, and we also know that just because we lost a round, we will lose the game.  Each round the cards are shuffled, we will play with new cards. It is only at the end that we are counting the total points and see how we did.

That is what 2021 is bringing. It is somehow starting from scratch, as Randi Zuckerberg[2] recently put it, so we can start from scratch as well, for those who feel so.

This is a new world. It is an empty space in so many areas of business, and there are so many things this new world needs. What is the specific expertise you may bring to this new world? What is something you have explored in your mind for a long while and did not dare to act on? What have you been conditioned to see and now you start seeing something different?

Well my dear reader that is your new year. This is you in this new world.

I am not here to tell you this is or will be easy. But I am definitely not here to tell you that this is not that simple. By the way if you get a chance watch “Bleed for This” and you will understand what “this is not that simple”[3] can do for many of us. No, I am here to tell you, I believe in you, I believe whatever comes to you, you will know how to make the best of it, I know you have tremendous potential, I know you can bring back your why, why are you here, why are you in this career or business, and what really matters at the end of the day, and I know you will move forward, and even you will smile because you can. 

I wish we could turn off that channel of people who tell us it has been hard year, and 2021 will be hard as well. They don’t know how your year will unfold and what are you capable of. And even if most people are saying that out of love to make sure you do not get frustrated and disappointed, expecting the things to be difficult may not necessary be the best fuel to your engine on a long run. Things will be, life will happen, it is only our mind who classifies them between good or bad. Expecting things to be bad may lower our energy, expecting things to be good may work better for some and yet may create high risks for many (I shall explain that in a different article) and yet, expecting life to happen for us not to us, it is a different approach. Things will happen regardless, and it is the interpretation we give to them that we win or lose the game. Except when we realize winning and losing are illusions and all we do is being here to give, to serve and mostly to experience.

In a recent interview, Amin Maalouf has been asked, what the purpose of life is, and his answer was simple “to live it”[4]. His answer was a little bit longer than this, but this part resonated with me fully. Hope it will with you as well.

Wishing you a great 2021, stay healthy, stay happy and stay open to whatever life brings you. Embrace the change you want to see in the world and be that change, one day at the time, as this is how we move forward, one step in front of the other; we may not change the world in a day, yet each day we can make a difference for us or for others near us.

Happy New World. Happy New Year. Happy New You.




[4] Le sens de la vie c’est de la vivre, clique tv december 6, 2020.

Author: ralucalaura

I work with individuals/leaders/entrepreneurs looking for life purpose while supporting them to create or develop their own businesses. I also work with corporations on transformation programs.   I am a PCC, CPC, ELI MP, ACC and Leadership Core Dynamics Specialist. After 17 years as Executive Director for a multinational, I have created my own business IMPACT2C.   20% of my time I volunteer in entrepreneurial, social and care organisations. I work mainly in English, French, Romanian and sometimes in Spanish and in Italian. How I can help? - Are you fully operational, having a successful life, and career and still you feel that something is missing? Do you feel you don't live the life you dream of? Do you feel you have no choice but staying in this situation where you serve part of your values yet you are not completely in alignment with your higher self? Than let's have a talk! - Do you want to start your own business yet you don't know how? You have started your business and it's not profitable enough? Let's have a talk and make a difference. - Are you looking for a speaker in one of your events? Let's have a talk and make a difference.   Who do I work with? Individuals/leaders/entrepreneurs looking for life purpose and sustainable business success

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