This page is an inspiration to guide you in getting more impact for you and for your business. I believe each person and each business could have a higher impact and make a difference.

I work with individuals/leaders/entrepreneurs looking for life purpose while supporting them to create or develop their own businesses. I also work with corporations on transformation programs.
I am a CPC, ELI MP, ACC and Leadership Core Dynamics Specialist. After 17 years as Executive Director for a multinational, I have created my own business IMPACT2C.
20% of my time I volunteer in entrepreneurial, social and care organisations. I work mainly in English, French, Romanian and sometimes in Spanish and in Italian.

How I can help

Are you fully operational, having a successful life, and career and still you feel that something is missing? Do you feel you don’t live the life you dream of? Do you feel you have no choice but staying in this situation where you serve part of your values yet you are not completely in alignment with your higher self? Than let’s have a talk!

Do you want to start you own business yet you don’t know how?
You have started your business and it’s not profitable enough?
Let s have a talk and make a difference.

Are you looking for a speaker in one of your event?
Let’s have a talk and make a difference.

Who do I work with 

Individuals/leaders/entrepreneurs looking for life purpose and sustainable business success